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In 1921 the people of the four villages of Wickham Bishops, Great Totham, Great and Little Braxted got together to mark the end of troubled times by holding a weekend of celebrations. Many WW1 soldiers had only recently returned from duty and the last ravages of the Spanish Flu had finally dispersed.

The weekend started with the inauguration of the War Memorial to remember the fallen before the crowd marched down Handleys Lane to the accompaniment of the Territorial Army Band. The field behind the Mitre had been cleared for the weekend activities and stalls selling food, drink, handicrafts and local farm produce were set up adorned with flags and bunting. The local church sold tea and cakes and the Mitre provided stronger alternatives. Tombola’s, raffles, apple bobbing, a coconut shy, fairground rides and a tug of war competition kept everyone entertained followed by an evening of music and dance. The local football team also played their first match as part of the weekend and a hundred years later they are still going strong.

At this Centenary of the 1921 party, it would be wonderful to see our 2021 community out in force to join together in a celebration as we come out of another period of troubled times. The site will be in the same field as in 1921. We want to replicate that community feel where families and friends can come along and do that socialising thing... you remember! As well as all the stalls and games there will be areas to sit and chill with picnic tables and straw bales. The Big Top Marquee will help us with the weather, hopefully as a giant sunshade! It will be a once in a lifetime festival, don’t miss it!


WHEN IS IT? Weekend of 24th/25th July

WHERE IS IT? Sports Ground, Great Totham Road, Wickham Bishops CM8 3NP

WILL IT HAPPEN? Current Covid regulations would allow it to happen now and 24th/25th will be the first weekend after the planned freedom day of 19th July

IS IT JUST A FOOTBALL WEEKEND? No. It will be a Festival. On Saturday and Sunday, yes there will be football and lots of other stuff too: Children’s Play Area, a huge variety of Food and Drink outlets, Fete stalls for fun and games, Market stalls for local produce, toy stall, artisan stalls and arts and crafts, picnic areas, Clubroom will be open, a gin and prosecco bar and more......

AND WHAT ABOUT THE SATURDAY EVENING? In the Big Top Marquee a Festival style music and entertainment evening with a live band, Peppermint Ape, doing cover versions of all the greatest hits, a George Michael Tribute Act, the classic disco and a moment to celebrate the Football Club’s 100th Birthday.

WILL THERE BE FOOD IN THE EVENING? Like any Festival the full range of food and drink outlets will be open

DO I NEED A TICKET? Yes, only for the Saturday evening. 6-11pm.

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