Beacon Hill Rovers’ Youth teams focus on Player Development. Our Coaches encourage players to play to the best of their ability; enjoying their football in a safe and supportive environment. To enable this to happen our Coaches work to the following four principles:


We encourage skilful team football. 

We will help players develop their basic skills and techniques to allow them to go on and enjoy a long career in football at their highest possible level. We will emphasise that football is a team game. As they get older we will link with Beacon Hill’s adult teams to facilitate a transition into Adult Football. 

We instil respect for all. 
We will always adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct (Safety, Learning, Respect) and have high expectations.


All players who want to play in matches will get at least 50% of available pitch-time over the season. 

We will ensure an equitable approach to team selection to help us meet the Player Development aspects of Principles 1 and 2. For example, if a team has 20 matches, every player will get the equivalent of 10 matches’ pitch-time. Should a player be unavailable this will obviously be reduced, for example, if they are unavailable for 10 matches out of 20 they will get 5 matches pitch-time. Coaches will keep a record of players’ pitch-time and availability. If a squad is more than twice the size of a team (e.g. a squad of 15 or more for a 7-a-side team) then available pitch-time is pro-rata. All matches except knock-out cup matches will be included in the record.


We always play to win but not at the cost of the first three principles. 
We will teach and model for our players how to deal with victory and defeat equally. Respect for all is the key thing here.


To support this policy the Club asks players and supporters to comply with Beacon Hill Rovers’ SLR Code of Conduct:

S: Beacon Hill Rovers is a SAFE place to play football.


L: Players to make every effort to work hard to develop their own sporting abilities, in terms of skill, technique, tactics and fitness and supporters to give players the freedom to LEARN.


R: Beacon Hill Rovers is a place where RESPECT for all is valued.

Arrivals and Departures:


  • Ensure that the Organisers running the session acknowledge the arrival of your children at a training session they cannot be responsible for children they do not know have arrived.

  • The Organisers will “release” children to their carer/parent or the person they arrived with. If some one else is collecting a child, the Organisers must be informed in advance.


Clothing / Equipment

It is the parents/carers responsibility to ensure that children arrive with the right clothing and equipment, this includes:

  • Appropriate footwear for the surface

  • Clothing for warmth, in layers, hats, gloves etc suitable for the weather conditions

  • Shin pads

  • Sun creams and lotions

  • Still drinks or water in a plastic bottle


Health and Injury

As part of our Child Protection policy, we ask parents/carers to complete the following declarations, sign and return the completed form to the Club through either the Organisers of your child’s team.

These details are for your child's safety, and not distributed outside Beacon Hill Rovers Football Club officials.